Back in time

So over a year ago I decided that my blog was getting a bit full of old posts and I wanted a clean slate. I thought that some of my posts were a but crappy and I figured that I could start again writing high quality posts, the problem is that I’ve barely written anything since. I’ve therefore decided to import my old posts back into this blog. I’ve not made any changes, they are just as they were originally published, complete with suspect spellings and grammar.

Merry Christmas everybody

So its been a very long time since I’ve posted. This is mainly because I’ve had nothing to say. I just logged in today so that I could test out some new themes and upgrade my WordPress install so that my sites all nice and secure so those pesky hackers can’t make use of any unpatched exploits. WordPress is up to version 2.7 now, and its really quite different since 2.6 don’t you know.

Anyway as the title says I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Cristmas, I might start posting a little more regular next year, but then again maybe I wont.


Well its took a while but the holiday is booked. Phil, Paul and I have had the time booked off work for a while now, we just didn’t have a holiday booked. Since there was only a fortnight left to go we decided that perhaps it was time to book somewhere, so on Saturday Phil and I did a little holiday shopping while we waxed our boards. We found a great deal in Serbia, we had a little think about it and on Sunday decided that it was too good to ignore so after a little due diligence decided to book. The only stumbling block was that it had gone by the time we were ready to book. Luckily this morning it was back, so we are now booked up and are all very excited.

The only problem might be getting all our kit into one car for the drive down to Gatwick. If you would like to see where we are going then why not watch this.

The heat is on

Well not so long ago I commented that I was starting again with a clean blog because my old one was full of crap. I was aiming to write proper posts about important topics. Its not worked very well as you will soon discover.

I was recommended the film Heat, and although it is over 12 years old I’d not seen it. I’ve therefore just spent the past 171 minutes watching it and it was actually very good.  Any film staring Pacino, Di Niro and Kilmer is a success in my eyes. Everyone else other than me had probably already seen it so it got me thinking, what other great films have I missed? So drop me a comment with your suggestions, and if I’ve not seen it, and its not a crap sounding film then I might watch it.

Waste of time

So what I said yesterday about one day getting round to importing a select few of my old blogs was a lie. I’ve actually been through the process of importing all my own posts, but the problem is that most were just crap. I’ve therefore decided to just give up and not bother. Therefore this blog is going to be a blank slate with which I will start a fresh. I have relocated my old blog to where it will remain for reference.