Yes it is snowing

It’s been a while since I posted anything, generally I have nothing to say. But I thought I’d just mentioned that it seems to be snowing, I’m sure you might have noticed, it seems to be getting mentioned quite often.

Luckily I live near a main bus route so there is plenty of traffic to keep the snow down so I can easily get my car out of the street, and because of where I work I don’t need to contend with any difficult roads. But why is it that people can’t drive properly. Yes I agree that it’s a little slippy, but you will only lose traction if you accelerate too hard, break too hard or try to change direction too quickly. All people need to do is pay attention to the road ahead, drive at a sensible pace and leave a nice gap to the car ahead. Simple, nothing too it, now please will you stop driving like a dick.

Windows Live Writer

So it’s been quite a while since I last wrote here. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m full of ideas (not necessarily good though), but am not actually that keen to do anything about them. I like the idea of having a blog, somewhere deep inside I thinks it’s cool that I might actually write something that somebody else might find interesting. The problem with such a notion is that you actually have to come up with regular content and write it in an engaging style, something which I can’t bring myself to do. Another problem is that to have a really popular blog it needs some kind of theme. It isn’t good enough to just keep pushing out content, there needs to be something that holds it all together, a coherent theme that runs through all the entries.

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What a fake!

It turns out that many people are still under the belief that Barry Scott made famous by the Cillit Bang advert) is real. The truth is that it is a big fat lie, Barry is actually the cousin of Steve Bruce, a man by the name of Neil Burgess. Bang and the dirt is gone!


At the moment I just can’t stop winning, last week I played bowls 3 times, and 3 times we won. On Saturday I went to the pub to watch the Sunderland game, and they won. Finally last night I played Cluedo at a bbq, due to the number of people there I was in a team with Phil and again we were victorious. I don’t think we started that well but a little perseverance goes a long way, as the story says slow and steady does indeed win the race.

Sharepoint and other things

So what a weekend its been. Supposedly its summer but there’s been no signs of that in the weather. I guess I should start by mentioning Glastonbury the worlds greatest music festival – I want to be there (maybe next year), I’ve been making the most of the BBC’s excellent coverage which explains why I was so knackered yesterday having not gone to bed till 2.15am.

Anyway when I did get up, I had all intentions of getting up and being productive, my first task was going to be washing my car, unfortunately the council were relaying the footpath on the street with tarmac so I couldn’t park my car outside to wash it. Never mind I thought, I’ll do it later. But later the rain began. I was in need of another task, so decided to setup a Sharepoint server, I found some instructions and set to it, it took hours, but finally the server was complete. The only problem now is that I’m not sure what to do with it. When you look for any Sharepoint documentation, its all very complex. Although I configured a server its only because theinstructions told me to, not because I know why I did it. I think I might need to do some more reading. Another problem is that my Sharepoint server is actually running on a Virtual Machine. The actual host PC is actually quite slow so my VM is unbelievably slow.

Thats about it for yesterday, I never did get my car washed, but did go to the gym then settled in for the night to watch Glastonbury.

Today I went to help Scott move a shed, washed my car, ordered a 500gb external HDD, went for another run and am just about to have my tea.

(PS. My new blog theme makes use of tags for each post, I’m having terrible problems working out what to tag entries with, should I just have a few predefined tags, or should I set up new ones for each post. Also how indepth do I get with my tagging. In this post I mention tv, running, technology stuff and Glastonbury the greatest gig ever. But does it really qualify for 4 different tags?)


Well I’ve just returned from a weekend down south where I went to Wembley to see Muse. It was possibly the best gig ever. I’ll be uploading my photos later, but here is something to whet your appetite. And how about this too.

The Weekend

Well its been a good weekend. It started with an excellent bowls victory on Friday night and a few celebratory drinks. I decided that tea was overrated and so just drank beer instead, the outcome was a quite drunk Andy.

As a result of the previous night I got up quite late on Saturday and wasn’t really up to much, I washed my car and was exhausted. After a little rest I did manage to write some php for a message management system I’m writing for work. Its not really my job to write it and we are so short staffed at work that I don’t get enough piece and quiet to do it there. Also the fact that I don’t yet have a Mac at work and all my favourite programming tools are mac based means that its easier to write at home.

You may have noticed that I’ve switched my theme over, its not yet perfect, I think that some of the colours need tweaking, and that is something that I will hopefully do shortly.

Yesterday I decided to fully embrace the power of Facebook. MySpace is so last year. While with MySpace you can customise the look of your page, so what because most people don’t know what their doing and end up with something which looks really crap. With Facebook you can’t alter the style, but you can install applications, which means that I’ve been able to import my flickr photos, this very blog and my twitter status into my Facebook page. Its very good.

And so we come to today. Since I’d done all I needed yesterday today was slightly surplus to requirements, I therefore decided that the time was right to get my bike out so my dad and I went for a bit of a cruise round the country. It was interesting, I’ve seen rabbits, a chicken, lots of sheep and had to navigate through a field of cows. At one point we went about 4 miles down a narrow single track road to discover it just led to a farm. We had to turn around. It was good I didn’t crash.

Now I’m gonna make some more tweaks to my wordpress theme and then I think it will be time for bed. Next weekend I’m off to see Muse at Wembley, I can’t bloody wait!

A time for action

Going on holiday is great, but it causes cash flow issues. I went to the bank on Friday and withdrew as much as they would let me have, now only £20 remains which is to last until Friday. Once I do get paid I need to buy road tax, pay off the remainder of my credit card bill, and rejoin the gym.

That’s right I’m re-joining the gym. The last time I was there was November and to be honest when I was going I wasn’t actually that motivated. You reach a point when you reach physical perfection, and that’s where I was, to become any fitter was going to take a lot of effort (if you know me you know I’m joking!) On a serious matter, I decided that I wanted a bit of time off, and it wouldn’t hurt if I put on a few pounds as extra insulation while on holiday, well winter is over and its time for summer preparations. I think I’ve actually put on something in the region of 1.5-2.0 stone and its time for it to go.

Today is London Marathon day, I’ve applied for it the past 2 years and so far have failed to get a place. Therefore with a year to go before the next one its time to get a training on the off chance that I actually get a place next year. I will therefore also be taking place in this years Darlington 10km road race where I will be aiming for a completion time of around 45 mins.

Canada 2007

So I’ve been back to work now for only 4 days and yet it feels like I’ve never been away. The reality is that this time last week I was in Canada and it was amazing.

So where do I start with this epic adventure, obviously somewhere near the beginning. Well on Saturday 24th March myself and Phil departed sunny Darlington for Glasgow where we were to catch a plane the following day. The journey was rather uneventful and we arrived in due course. It turns out that the directions from the AA website weren’t that good since we arrived at the Holiday Inn rather than the Holiday Inn Express. It turns out that we weren’t the only ones to do this, it is however an easy mistake since the Express is hidden round the corner. Eventually we arrived, checked in and hit the bar for a few beers with Adrian (Phil’s bro), I somehow even managed to score a free round of beers from the bar staff.


The next day we got up and went down for breakfast where I met the rest of the group, who were a splendid bunch of people. The next bit of the story is mainly a lot of waiting, some sitting and some travelling, I will therefore fast forward a little…..

….Upon arriving at the hotel we checked in a rushed off to our rooms. There had however been a huge mistake since it appeared as though we had been assigned a double room. Yes Phil is my friend, but we had no intention of being THAT friendly. I went back to reception to speak to the hugely attractive Aussie girl and triumphantly returned with keys to a new room. This room however was equipped to 2 large Queen sized beds.

Even though I’d been awake for a very long time it was still quite early, I can’t quite remember how we passed the time, but I believe we went to the liquor store to purchase some ale and then convened in one of the rooms for some Dominos pizza action. It was a great night. An early night was had because we were catching the first bus to Sunshine Village.

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