Yes it is snowing

It’s been a while since I posted anything, generally I have nothing to say. But I thought I’d just mentioned that it seems to be snowing, I’m sure you might have noticed, it seems to be getting mentioned quite often.

Luckily I live near a main bus route so there is plenty of traffic to keep the snow down so I can easily get my car out of the street, and because of where I work I don’t need to contend with any difficult roads. But why is it that people can’t drive properly. Yes I agree that it’s a little slippy, but you will only lose traction if you accelerate too hard, break too hard or try to change direction too quickly. All people need to do is pay attention to the road ahead, drive at a sensible pace and leave a nice gap to the car ahead. Simple, nothing too it, now please will you stop driving like a dick.

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