Windows Live Writer

So it’s been quite a while since I last wrote here. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m full of ideas (not necessarily good though), but am not actually that keen to do anything about them. I like the idea of having a blog, somewhere deep inside I thinks it’s cool that I might actually write something that somebody else might find interesting. The problem with such a notion is that you actually have to come up with regular content and write it in an engaging style, something which I can’t bring myself to do. Another problem is that to have a really popular blog it needs some kind of theme. It isn’t good enough to just keep pushing out content, there needs to be something that holds it all together, a coherent theme that runs through all the entries.

So this isn’t the beginning of some new period of active blogging, this is a test of Windows Live Writer (as the title might suggest). I’ve usually made do with the WordPress web interface which usually meets my needs, but figured that since I’m wanting an excuse to use my new laptop more often, then I might as well give Live Writer a go. It seems strange that Microsoft would release an application which can be used to push content straight to WordPress blogs, but they have, and it seems quite satisfactory. To some extent I can see it being an advantage over the web interface. Using Live Writer its easier to create posts in offline mode which will lead to less distractions and more time to focus on the business at hand, the business of writing.

Since I’m not very good a reviews I’m not going to write one so I’m going to begin wrapping this up. The only problem I’ve discovered so far as that I keep hitting the Caps Lock key on my keyboard every time I try to hit the A key which has resulted in some interesting spelling. So to sum up, the software seems fine, the keyboard on my laptop is taking a bit of getting used to.

Well I’ve typed 390 words now and I think that’s more than enough. So I’ll probably be writing again sometime next year, so have a good Christmas and remember, don’t be a dick.

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